Each autumn Tasburgh Parish Council produce a budget and from this set the Precept for the coming financial year. The Precept is the amount of money that will be collected from the Electorate of Tasburgh as part of the Council Tax. The amount payable by each household is determined by the ‘band’ of their property in the same way as the other elements of the Council Tax.

The Precept for the forthcoming financial year 2017/18 is £20198.32 which equates to £49.26 for a band D property for the year.

The full budgets can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

Notice of Completion of Audit 2016-17
Section 1 & 2 Annual Return
Section 3 External auditor report and certificate
Notice of appointment of date for the exercise of public rights
Budget 2016 -17

2015-16 Final Annual Return
Notice of Completion of Audit 2015-16
Budget 2015 /16

2014-15 Final Annual Return
2014-15 Draft Annual Return

Budget 2014/15

2013-14 Annual Return
Budget 2013/14

2012-13 Annual Return

2011-12 Annual Return
Budget 2011/12