Burrfeld Park

In 2006 Tasburgh Parish Council leased a piece of former Marlpit land in Low Road, with a view to creating a wildlife area that is easily accessible to all, which, although specifically structured and managed to enhance the natural flora and fauna, should allow visitors to freely associate with the space. Burrfeld Park is a relaxing, tranquil area of natural interest.

This site has a number of features, which are eminently suitable for the kind of development which continues. For example, there are a number of mature native species of trees and shrubs, which can be trimmed and added too. There is a wet area which is a haven for a wide selection of both animals and plants appropriate to this type of habitat.

Traditional English fruit trees have been planted to create an orchard area.

The main body of the site is made up of a wild flower meadow with species selected not only for their individual beauty but also for the butterflies and other insects which they attract. The banks surrounding the site are quite steep in places but it has been possible to plant them up with a range of trees and shrubs and still leave them available to the quite large population of burrowing animals.

For more information or to offer assistance, please contact:

Deborah Sacks, Glebe Cottage, Low Road, Tasburgh, deborah.sacks@btinternet.com, 01508 471002.
or Tina Eagle, Parish Clerk, tasburghpc@btinernet.com, 01508 494569